The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 7 – Write Incredible Stories, Part II


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An author needs to neatly piece all the bricks of its plot well together. For without the mortar, the bricks wall won’t stand the test of time.

In this seventh Volume of The Writer’s Word Building Lists we give you the largest publication yet amassed. “Write Incredible Stories, Part II” is fully dedicated to being the magic, unmissable ingredient in the mortar of your brick wall. It will give you valuable tools to seamlessly integrate characters into the world, tie settings together and improve your writing with several literary techniques.

Upheaving our motto “TOOLS, NOT RULES”, we propose this word list to arm you with valuable tools to bring your stories to life.

Write Incredible Stories, Part II” contains over 10.000 expressions and separate words, totalling well over 20.000 if all words were to be counted apart. Included in the publication are words and expressions for spatial awareness, for building arguments and for enhancing tone of voice. Furthermore, there is a multitude of words and expressions to improve musicality and style, along several well-known literary techniques such as oxymorons, similes, hyperboles and metaphors. How about improving action passages by using appropriate verbs of action? Or perhaps you can enhance dialogue by using applicable connective words?

An overview of the contents of this publication is summarized by:

  • Word List A: Creating spatial awareness, such as environment, location, position, direction, angle or tilt, distance, movement, surrounding, temporal, shape, size and amount;
  • Word List B: Building an argument by showing continuation, illustrating, comparing, contrasting, giving examples or concluding;
  • Word List C: Enhancing your tone of voice, including compound nouns, action verbs, verbs that are nouns (and vice versa) and irregular verbs;
  • Word List D: Building musicality with alliterations, assonances, consonances, interjections, onomatopoeia and several rhyming or rhythmic words and expressions;
  • Word List E: Enriching your style through oxymorons, similes, hyperboles and metaphors.

Before we get into the word lists, we start, as always, with the introduction on how to best use the Word Building List. It contains several tips and examples on building characters, shaping settings, enriching your narrative, constructing dialogue and developing descriptions. All the tips and examples are tailored to the contents of this publication.

Also check out Volume 4, “Write Incredible Stories, Part I”, for more words used in storytelling, such as the colour spectrum, story builders and amplifiers and thesauri. Together with the current Part II you will have an enormous toolkit for writing truly incredible stories.

The very best of success with your learning and never forget to have fun writing!

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