The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 6 – Develop Incredible Characters, Part II


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Looking to further develop the characters of your story?

With this brand new sixth Volume of The Writer’s Word Building Lists you can do just that. “Develop Incredible Characters, Part II” is the second volume of the Word Building Lists specifically dedicated to characters, one of the three corner stones of writing next to settings and story. Using the Word Building Lists provides you with valuable tools to make your characters feel more realistic, more genuine and overall more authentic.

Upheaving our motto “TOOLS, NOT RULES”, we propose this word list to arm you with valuable tools to bring your characters to life.

This Volume 6 contains over a whopping 11.000 words, dealing with the lifestyle and “outer world” of your characters. What does your character eat and drink? What are their hobbies? And what is their background and culture? Included in this publication are categories such as fruits, vegetables, desserts, beers, wines, cocktails, arts, sports and culture. With the incredible amount of words available, you can upgrade your character from a generic personality to a meaningful, deeply developed persona. So, instead of writing “beer”, you can have your character enjoy a “Pale Ale” for a stronger sense of authenticity. And why not use “powerboat racing” instead of “sailing” if you deem your character a daredevil?

By developing the background of your character, you stimulate the reader’s imagination. It will be easier for the reader to create their own image of your character, and possibly that image is closer to how you, the author, had it imagined all along. The reader will be more involved in your story and that, ultimately, proves you to be the better wordsmith.

In this publication, we start once again with an introduction on how to best use the Word Building List. It contains several tips and examples on building characters, shaping settings, enriching your narrative, constructing dialogue and developing descriptions. All the tips and examples are tailored to the contents in this publication.

Summarizing the content of “Develop Incredible Characters, Part II”:

  • Word List A: Foods, including vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, peppers, nuts and seeds, desserts, grains and more;
  • Word List B: Worldwide beverages, including distilled drinks, beer, cocktails and wines;
  • Word List C: Art and culture, including arts, music, sports, activities, hobbies and culture.

Also check out Volume 3, “Develop Incredible Characters, Part I”, for words on the “inner world” of your character, such as anatomy, relationships, attire, virtues, emotions and occupations. Together with the current Part II you will have an enormous toolkit for the inner and outer worlds of your character.

The very best of success with your learning and never forget to have fun writing!

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