The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 5 – Build Incredible Settings, Part II


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This year, Creascriptum returns with Part II of the “Build Incredible Settings” wordlist. Fifth Volume in the Writer’s Word Building Lists series, this publication focuses once again on helping you cultivate the Settings of your stories. Settings are one of three cornerstones of creative writing, alongside story and character.

Upheaving our motto “TOOLS, NOT RULES”, we propose this word list to arm you with valuable tools to bring your settings to life.

“Build Incredible Settings, Part II” contains over 10.000 words from the world of Flora, Fauna and Geosphere. This publication is a game changer in fleshing out your world. It features an extensive list from categories such as animals, reptiles, birds, dinosaurs, flowers, trees, spices and herbs, geological and chemical elements, metals and alloys. The words are primarily used in enhancing otherwise generic settings. Instead of using “dog”, you would use “Yorkshire Terrier”. And where other authors may simple write “thick tree”, you might write “Baobab”.

But why would you do that? As an author, you have imagined yourself a rich world with plenty of details. It is your task to convey that world in fleshed-out detail to your readers. You can tell them all about your world, but simply telling is not a very appealing writing style. “The tree has very thick trunk, it grows in dry, warm areas and it originates in Madagascar.” Although all factually correct, every reader might imagine this tree a bit differently. Instead, when writing “Baobab”, most of your readers would picture the same tree and experience your world in the way you (and your characters) would.

The first part of Volume 5 is, as always, an introduction on how to best use the Word Building List. It contains several tips and examples on shaping settings, building characters, enriching your narrative, constructing dialogue and developing descriptions.

A breakdown of the contents of “Build Incredible Settings, Part II”:

  • Word List A: Fauna, including animals, including birds, insects, reptiles, fish, dinosaurs, cats and dogs;
  • Word List B: Flora, including plants, flowers, spices and herbs and trees;
  • Word List C: Geosphere, including minerals and rocks, metals and alloys and chemical elements.

Also check out Volume 2 of our series, “Build Incredible Settings, Part I”, for an ample collection of words on time, location, mood, atmosphere and theme. It’s a definitive stepping stone to which Part II only adds more.

The very best of success with your learning and never forget to have fun writing!

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