The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 4 – Write Incredible Stories, Part 1


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This fourth instalment of the Word Building Lists series focuses on a central part of writing: your story. “Write Incredible Stories” provides you with all the necessary tools to help you link characters to settings and themes to their narrative, so that you can bring your creative stories to life.

“Write Incredible Stories” further extends your writing toolbox with words aimed at shaping amazing, lifelike, memorable scenes for your story. It supplies over 9.000 subject-categorized and carefully-selected words pertaining to a wide range of colours and rare shades, useful dichotomies (thematically opposing pairs), sentence connectors, descriptive adverbs and amplifiers and a large collection of action and adventure vocabulary.

As in every volume of our Word Building Lists, we provide the introductory guide “How to best use this Word List”, complete with writing tips and examples meant to help you write incredible stories.

-Word List A: Full Colour Spectrum: Light (types of light and anthropomorphisms of light) and Colours (unique shades of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, White, Gray and Pink);
-Word List B: Story Builders: action and adventure vocabulary, and thematic opposites/dichotomies;
-Word List C: Story Amplifiers: descriptive adverbials, adverbs of action, positive amplifiers, negative amplifiers;
-Word List D: Connectors and Thesauri: story transitions and sentence connectors, Thesauri (for like, dislike, big, small, hot and cold);

The very best of success with your learning and never forget to have fun writing!

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