The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 3 – Develop Incredible Characters, Part 1


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This third instalment in the Word Building Lists series focuses on the most important part of writing: your characters. We extend your writing toolbox with words aimed at shaping amazing, lifelike, memorable characters for your story. We supply over 9000 subject-categorized and alphabetically arranged new words meant to inspire creative writers in the building of deep, relatable and unforgettable fictional characters. The publication provides words for character attire, clothes and shoes, character relationships, virtues and emotions, as well as character professions, titles and activities.

As in every volume of our Word Building Lists, we provide you with a “How to best use this Word List”, complete with writing tips and examples meant to help you enhance your story.

This publication contains:

-Word List A: Character Description: character anatomy, character titles, character relationships;
-Word List B: Character Attire: clothing, jewellery, fabrics, hats, shoes, accessories;
-Word List C: Character Inner World: character virtues, character qualities, character emotions, character entertainment;
-Word List D: Character Occupations: general, engineer, dentist, doctor, tailor, firefighter, it & computers, law & politics, defence and military, modern weapons, education, astronomy, science, mathematics, shapes, measurements, tools, groupings and containers;

The very best of success with your learning and never forget to have fun writing!

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