The Writer’s Word Building Lists Volume 1: Your Creative Writing Helper


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This publication aims to be every writer’s indispensable toolbox, bringing together over 9000 English words, alphabetically arranged and subject-categorized, all in one compact package. The Word Building Lists are not only any writer’s vocabulary helper, but a sure-fire Inspirator. It carefully selects words and phrases – from values to colours; from power verbs to shapes – organizing your writing arsenal and helping you build, reshape and strengthen your Characters, Settings, Dialogues, Descriptions and Narrative.

A writer’s greatest instrument is “the word”. A writer’s ability to turn a phrase is linked to how powerful their arsenal of words is. After countless published authors have been asked about their writing habits, Creascriptum ambitiously hands you down the ultimate helper: the most extensive, topic-oriented Word Building Lists ever assembled in the English language.

The publication contains:

A. Wordlist: Character Feelings, Mores, Traits and Characteristics

B. Settings-Building Thesaurus: Sound, Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, Patterns and Shapes

C. Character-Building List: Verbs, Descriptives, Modifiers and Values

D. Narrative Word-Building List: Alternatives to SAID, LOOKED and WENT/WALKED

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