The Writer’s Narrative Cheatsheet



Every author’s ongoing challenge: how to avoid annoying word repetitions?

More precisely, how to avoid repeating common words like said, looked/saw and went/walked? Such words return in nearly every dialogue line and pepper each scene. When used in excess, your story grows boring, maybe even annoying, and it may cost you readers.

Some authors delegate this task to their editors. Because isn’t that their job, to correct repetitive words and phrases? And yes, annoying word repetitions are one of those things editors scan for and correct when encountered. Nevertheless, as author you may prefer to hand over a “cleaner” draft to your editor – or simply edit the text yourself – especially when provided with the right set of tools.

The Writer’s Narrative Cheatsheet is an indispensable tool in every writer’s toolbox. In line with our motto “Tools, not rules!” the Cheatsheet is the anti-repetition Swiss Army Knife of great writing. The publication contains almost 1500 alternative words for SAID, LOOKED/SAW and WALKED/WENT. What’s more, you can print it yourself on two pages and keep it on your writing desk at all times!

The accompanying introduction provides you with background information, printing instructions, and four stylistic techniques that help you make the most of your Cheatsheet. Each technique is illustrated with several relevant examples that help you put the right word in its right place. The Cheatsheet fits any author’s style and workflow, whether you are a plotter, a pantser or someone well in the middle.

It allows you to take control of your writing, develop your vocabulary, collect inspiration and enhance your style naturally and creatively. With the Writer’s Narrative Cheatsheet on your desk, you can prove to your editor you are a better writer with every fresh story you pen. I hope you enjoy this shiny new tool and don’t forget to have fun writing!

Included in the downloadable document are:

  • An introduction
  • About the words
  • Examples of how to use the cheatsheet effectively
  • Printing instructions and tips
  • The Narrative Cheatsheet itself (almost 1500 alternative words for SAID, LOOKED/SAW and WALKED/WENT)

Get it now and have the Cheatsheet on your desk within minutes!

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