The Writer’s Colour Cheatsheet Full-Colour Edition



Ever find yourself writing a story, only to use the same colours again and again? The blue sky, the blue jeans, the blue dress, even your grandpa’s blue pill? Or perhaps you imagined a red carpet, a bouquet of red roses or rows of broken red bricks?

It rings well enough in the moment, but not as much on repeat. And yet, for a lack of inspiration, you go along with it for the time, reusing a colour not just once, but too often. Your editors will correct it later, won’t they?

You are not alone. More often than not, authors find themselves looking for inspiration to avoid repetition. Even for something as simple as colours and sharing, they spend long hours surfing the internet trying to find the perfect name for their colour. If you, like me, are one of those authors who get meticulous with their work, you will be glad to hear your long search is over!

I have taken numerous colour names and assembled them into a neatly organized table for quick reference. A compact colour sheet to keep at all times on your writing desk. A full colour cheatsheet every author should have! Moreover this is a printable version that neatly fits on 2 sheets. This way, you can simply print out your colour cheatsheet to have it ready at hand!

The Writer’s Colour Cheatsheet contains eleven main colour groups sorted alphabetically and in accordance to their elected category. Those categories are white, gray and black for the grayscale colours, and red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and brown for colours. These main and secondary colours can be further combined or enhanced until they reflect your unique writing style.

Note that the Writer’s Colour Cheatsheet is not a definition of how colour should be used, but is merely a well-organized list of colour shades and names. It is the writer’s creative freedom to use colours resourcefully and creatively. My aim is to provide a tool, without setting any restraints, in line with Creascriptum’s official motto “TOOLS, NOT RULES”.

Included in the downloadable document are:

  • An introduction
  • About the colour selection
  • Examples of how to use the cheatsheet effectively
  • Printing instructions and tips
  • The Colour Cheatsheet itself

The Black & White edition and the Full-Colour edition are completely identical content wise. They only differ in the presentation of the Cheatsheet, the former being a white sheet of paper with black letters and the latter being a full-colour table for easier visual guidance. For further reference, refer to the product image.

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