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Creative Writing Introductory Course

An introduction to acquiring a creative mindset, amassing creativity and motivation and mastering basic creative writing practices.

The Creative Writing Introductory Course constitutes only the introductory chapter of the Module I - Creative Writing Techniques - Beginner to Lower Intermediate, which is available to you on the Creascriptum homepage and includes a full compendium of synthesized theory, relevant examples and practical exercises meant to assist one in mastering creative professional writing techniques.

The purpose of this Creative Writing Introductory Course is primarily to provide you with a very rich toolkit of practical information regarding creative approaches, methods and techniques, philosophies, artistic values, evocative literary examples and inventive experiments. All of those are meant to assist you in shaping your mindset into a highly creative machinery of artistic originality, resourcefulness and ingenuity. It addressed all who wish to improve creativeness, harness talent and add more depth to their artistic faculty.

The Creative Writing Introductory Course will assist those wishing to improve their creativity, ingenuity, talent and understanding of artistry by providing them with a relevant Introduction to handy practices of Creativity and Creativeness. The course is useful in habituating and motivating their creative mindset in relation to publishing, advertising, media and writing-related professions.

Course Contents

Is there a book in you?

Inspiration and Depth

Building Depth and Adding Substance  to your first descriptive Character

Building Depth and Adding Substance to your Settings

Ideas and Imagination

Creative Concepts, Themes,  Motifs and Symbols

Finding your own Vision  and acting upon it

Basic Phrase-Enriching Techniques

Writing Descriptive Passages

Writing Action Passages

Building Suspense

Motivation and Self-Discipline

Habituated Creative Practices (HCPs)

Creative Writing Assignments


Words Mini-Thesaurus

The Sense of Sound

The Sense of Sight

The Sense of Touch

The Sense of Taste

The Sense of Smell

Patterns and Shapes

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