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Module I Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook

A complete workbook of creative writing relevant exercises and creative thinking practical activities – Beginner to Lower Intermediate

Creascriptum Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook

ISBN: 978-94-92064-02-8

70 pages

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The purpose of this Module I - Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook - Beginner to Lower Intermediate is to assist you in developing creative writing habits and practices through carefully-chosen exercises and assignments, inasmuch as it will aid creative minds in mastering how to write like a professional consecrated author. The workbook contains exemplified exercises, playful methods of cultivating creativity, but also do-it-yourself assignments meant to improve your creativeness, develop your talent and add more depth to your artistic faculty.

These 100 exercises, assignments and projects are meant to help you shape a creative mindset and add artistic originality, resourcefulness and ingenuity to your style, voice and technique. The workbook will assist you not only in sharpening your creative writing skills and become the best writer, journalist or columnist of yourself, but also in mastering creative thinking. The Module I – Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook is equally aimed at developing practical writing and thinking habits for delivering first-class manuscripts in the English language.

Since this workbook aims to assist you in shaping a more creative mindset through learned practices and habits, it will not offer you exact solutions for the included assignments, but merely indications, tips, advice, recommendations and guidance in how to develop your own style, narrative voice and creative techniques in the creative writing process. The workbook assists the theoretical compendium of Creative Writing Techniques – Beginner to Lower Intermediate (Module I) by providing relevant examples and exercises meant for those who wish to work in publishing or master professional writing in the English language.

For maximum effectiveness of the learning method, this Module I – Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook is highly recommended only together with the Module I - Creative Writing Techniques - Beginner to Lower Intermediate.


Workbook Contents

Creative Writing Introductory Exercises

Getting Inspired

Building Depth

Basic Phrase-Enriching Exercises

Descriptive and Action Passages Assignments

Suspense Building


The Novel Approach Exercises

Differentiating between categories of Characters

Differentiating between categories of Setting

Themes, Motifs and Symbols

Constituents of Plot

Plot devices


The Short-Story Approach Exercises

Characters, Settings, Plot, Theme and Morale Assignments

Conflict, Style and Techniques Exercises


The Play Approach Exercises

Dialogue Assignments

Categories of Humour

Monologue, Interior Monologue


The Poem Approach Exercises

Stanza, Rhyming Scheme, Rhythm, Measure

Figures of Speech. Stylistic Devices


Styles and Techniques Exercises

Voice, Style and Tone Creative Assignments

Subplots, Turn-Points, Plot-Points, Cliff-Hangers, Open-Endings

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