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About Creascriptum 

Creascriptum was founded with the purpose of offering theoretical and practical assistance with professional writing through user-friendly online courses, manual modules, workbooks, worksheets and guided activities. The company’s high-quality teaching material has been gathered from years of experience in dealing headfirst with creative writing, marketing writing, academic writing and business writing, including target-testing and publishing.

Creascriptum aims to share this relevant knowledge with its local and international audiences as it adds expert value to its worldwide users. It means to provide carefully-selected wisdom of text-writing, message-communicating and professional writing practices for habituating and motivating the users’ resourceful mindset. Creascriptum coursework addresses users working or wishing to become involved in publishing, advertising, marketing, journalism, mass-media, business-writing, academic-writing, creative-writing and other writing-related professions.

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