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Creative Writing, Marketing Writing, Business Writing

Creascriptum is a private publisher of specialized writing.

We offer our high-end services in the writing of specialized content, under fields such as: advertising, publishing, media, marketing, business and military. We equally assist customers in the making of business & sales plans, marketing & advertising strategies and other specialized marketing deliverables.

Specialized Word Lists for Authors and Writers

Creative Solutions

Our industry keeps a high-standard in making its deliverables the finest on the market as it strives to become one of the world-leading businesses in creativity and innovation.

Creascriptum offers its expertise to users seeking to: 

  • learn the art and craft of professional authors (creative writing)
  • learn how to market their ideas, products and services to potential clients and customers (marketing writing)
  • learn how to devise and advertise their own brand or learn how to write sales and business plans for themselves and their venture (business writing)
  • gain practical skills in how to start, build and successfully develop their own company or business (entrepreneurship)

Writing, Editing, Publishing, Content Marketing

Creascriptum is primarily a publishing house, thus you can develop, proofread, edit, bind, publish and market your written work with us.

Creascriptum's services includeediting, publishing services, marketing solutions, advertising campaigns, branding and rebranding, business presentations, educational content, webdesign and creative workshops.

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